Debt is destructive.   

It affects family relationships. It affects health. It can be very isolating. 

You may think your situation is impossible but there is hope. 

Help is now available (free of charge) for anyone in the BA11 area struggling with debt.  Trinity Church has opened a new Debt Centre in partnership with the UK debt counselling charity Christians Against Poverty (CAP).  CAP can provide people with a route out of debt. Their motto is “Always Hope.” CAP is there to give a listening ear – and provide a practical solution to help you become debt free. 

The Debt Centre is being managed by Phil Gray supported by a team of volunteers.  Phil has been given extensive training by CAP to offer a face-to-face, tried-and-tested professional service which will see people escape the debt trap and get their lives back on track.

CAP has around 300 church-based debt help centres across the UK offering a free service and TV’s Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has described CAP as “unsurpassed” in its in-depth service which encourages and supports each household to repay what they owe – or go through an insolvency – until the day they are debt free.

How can I get help? 

It all starts with a simple free phone call to CAP. 0800 328 0006 

Making that first call can be hard, but the sooner you ring, the sooner you will have peace of mind. 
Phil will then usually then make 3 home visits (These are likely to take place on the phone during the pandemic.)

For more about CAP – see