Giving is a natural loving response to Jesus for all that we receive from Him. He gave His all so that we can enjoy abundant, eternal life, and so it is natural that we should not hold back in giving the whole of our lives to Him. The miracle of it is that the more we give to the Lord, the more we receive from Him. The blessings God pours upon us are always greater than anything we can give to Him.


Giving the first fruits
It is an ancient wisdom of God’s people to show our love for the Lord by giving to him first. In this way our giving forms an important part of our worship of the One who should always come before anyone or anything else (see Proverbs3: 9). When we give in worship to him, the vital task of supporting the life and work of the church and building God’s Kingdom here is shared fairly between us all as brothers and
At Holy Trinity Frome we are acutely aware of our responsibility to be good stewards of the funds that have been given to the Lord. Our financial
management is subject to regular scrutiny by the elected Church council, and we take great care over the preparation of our accounts which are audited by an independent firm of accountants and published in time for the Annual Church

Giving proportionately
We are not asked to give any specific amount, but it is a strong biblical principle to give the first10% of income to God. Another word for this is tithing. So someone with an annual Income of £10,000 decides to tithe would offer to God a gift of £1.000 spread over the12 months of the year. The beauty of this is that it is an equal challenge to everyone whether rich or poor or somewhere in between. At Trinity, we recommend following the Church of England national guidelines for giving. This means that we should consider dividing our 10% tithe equally between the church and other Christian causes that God may be calling you to support. All this makes it quite easy to calculate what to give to the church which comes down to £1 per week for every £1,000 of annual income

Giving sacrificially
Sometimes God asks us to give over and above our tithe and such sacrificial giving may include more than money and perhaps entail changing priorities, lifestyle, or giving up something we value. When we give sacrificially we are giving of our best – see 2 Corinthians 8: 2-3. So, if your income is £10,000 a year, you should consider giving £10 per week to the church. If your income is £15,000 a year, then the figure would be £15 per week

Giving regularly 

As with many disciplines in life, giving regularly makes it much easier and it is also a great help to the church to be able to plan the budget on the basis of a planned income.

Holy Trinity operates various ‘funds’ which support the work of the church as per the fund title; these funds are:

  • General Fund
  • Fabric Fund
  • Children and Youth Fund
  • Hall Fund
  • Bridge Fund
  • Re-development
  • Parish Nurse
  • Debt Centre

The general collection in church each Sunday automatically goes into the General Fund, therefore if you wish to support the other specific Funds, and that Church Work then you need to specifically give to that Fund. For example the Children and Youth work will only be supported by your giving if you so specify.



We are registered with Stewardship, who have set up a support fund for our ministry. You can support us by making gifts to Stewardship for our fund.
Where applicable, the value of your gifts may be increased by use of Gift Aid (worth 25% if you are a UK taxpayer) just tick the send gift aid box.