Mike & Brigit Adams
Stephen & Irene Tucker
Chris & Norah

Holy Trinity support a number of overseas mission projects.

Mike and Brigit Adams in Cambodia

Stephen and Irene Tucker working for Wycliffe Bible translators,

Nora and Chris Morton in Northern France

Friends of Marsabit .

Mike and Brigit Adams moved to Cambodia in January 2015 to work alongside ‘Voice of Love’ Cambodia, an FM radio station in the capital city of Phnom Penh.  Mike trained, and now acts as consultant to the local Engineering manager for the station.  Brigit teaches English to some of the staff, and accompanies him on many of his travels.
Mike’s primary role is the International Coordinator of First Response Radio (FRR).   FRR is a network of radio broadcasters, NGOs and Government partners, and delivers critical information via radio, as aid, to affected communities in the immediate aftermath of disasters.  FRR members have responded to over 30 disasters in the last 14 years.

Stephen and Irene Tucker are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators. The core motivation underlying the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators is that “We long for minority language communities to experience transformation flowing from God’s Word into the Church and society through their languages.”
Members of Wycliffe Bible Translators “… want all people to have the Bible in a language they understand well. When people take the Bible’s message to heart, they are brought to saving faith in Jesus and equipped for discipleship. Their lives are changed and their churches grow, with lasting impact on whole communities.”
“1.5 billion people are still waiting. One in five people worldwide still doesn’t have a Bible in their own language.”
Stephen and Irene support the work of Bible translation by working to provide maps to show where each language is spoken. Irene is a cartographer and Stephen is a computer programmer: both skills are vital to the work of the Language Mapping Team. The maps are used to help the organisation both plan for and promote the work of Bible translation. You can find out more about Wycliffe Bible Translators at https://www.wycliffe.org.uk

Chris & Norah: After years of responsibility in a World Horizons Mission Centre and investing time in the local community in the village of Thumeries in the north of France, Chris and Norah have recently acquired a small château in the village.  It is ideal for receiving people, with a large room on the ground floor, which they will transform into a public meeting room, and 5 bed and breakfast rooms plus a holiday cottage.  Over the years they have offered Alpha courses, resulting in a discipleship group that meets in different houses in Thumeries.  The question of what to do concerning Sundays has been a prayer for a while, as those who are not Catholics have to travel if they want to attend a service.  We now are able to host Sunday services for our friends in the large function room.  One way of supporting and encouraging the Mortons would be by using their facilities for a holiday or if passing through, or by going to help them with the renovations.

Friends of Marsabit

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