‘Transforming Trinity: Transforming Lives’

Following a nine month refurbishment project which has brought about a complete renewal of the interior of the building, Holy Trinity Church re-opened for worship on Sunday 13th March 2016, holding a special service of celebration with the Bishop of Taunton, the Right Reverend Ruth Worsley presiding.

The main features of the project are:  
A new underfloor heating system and ceramic tile floor
New lighting and audio visual systems
A new entrance lobby and glass panels to bring more light into the building
Refurbishment of the balcony so that it may now be used
New double doors connecting the church to the church hall
Re-siting of the Singer screen
A new professional standard organ
Creation of a new meeting room
Complete re-decoration and introduction of flexible seating allowing for different configurations depending on the type of service or event.
The overall effect is one of welcome, warmth and light; it is a setting fit for the 21st century whilst also honouring our Victorian heritage particularly the collection of Burne-Jones windows which are now beautifully highlighted.

This is full in keeping with the local ‘Vision for Frome Community Plan 2008-2028’. This plan states it is important to ensure Frome continues to welcome people from all walks of life to respect local heritage, through the creative re-use of buildings of historical/cultural significance.

The Character of Frome is full of creativity/energy; Frome is a green town, there are many innovative community projects and a fully Independent town council - Holy Trinity Church values these characteristics and strives to uphold these values

The project architects were Benjamin and Beauchamp of Wedmore and the main contractor was Ken Biggs of High Littleton.

Donations towards the project are still gratefully received from those who would like to support the work of God in reaching the whole community of Frome.


The Church was built in 1836-38 (£2310) to serve the workers – the ‘weavers’ – in the South West quarter of Frome. From the beginning, Trinity Church sought to offer the hope of gospel and serve the poor and still does so today.

Date: 1st stage of reordering – Bridge café

Date: 2004 2nd stage – hall/kitchen

Date: 2015  3rd stage – church and office. Each stage designed to serve the community.

Date: 2015/6 Final stage – restoration and preservation of Burne-Jones windows.