As you are probably aware, Graham and Lesley will be moving from Frome at the end of August as Graham retires from his post of Vicar of Holy Trinity. As a Church family, we would love to mark this special occasion with a gift of some sort (quite what that will be is yet unknown!), which will be presented to them at Graham’s last service, which will be a combined service, commencing 10:30 Sunday 15 August.
Both Graham and Lesley have given unstinting service to this Church body, to the community and to the town in a number of significant ways and their calm, guiding presence will be sorely missed by many. They have faithfully followed God’s calling to this Parish.
If you would like to contribute to this leaving gift, please donate with cash, cheque or Postal Order (made payable to Holy Trinity PCC) and clearly marked ‘G&L Leaving Gift’ on the back, placing the gift back in an envelope, sealing it, writing G&L Leaving Gift on the front and returning it one of the following ways:
• Give the envelope directly to either Chris or Libby (at Church or at home)
• Leave the envelope in the Church Office
• Place the envelope in the Offertory Basket during one of the services
• Post the envelope to: Holy Trinity Church Office, Trinity Street, Frome, BA11 3DE
(if posting, DO NOT write ‘G&L Leaving Gift’ on the front)
If you know of someone who, for whatever reason, has not seen this note, please would you let them know? If all Home Group Leaders would ensure that their group members are aware, that would be very helpful.
Many thanks
Chris and Libby