Graham is the speaker with Ruth leading the worship

All who are thirsty – LYRICS

Come people of the risen King – LYRICS

Psalm 23- LYRICS

Bless the Lord oh my soul (10000 reasons)-  LYRICS

Service sheet found –HERE

Sunday 11th October Communion & farewell to Clarissa & Lloyd ❤️A shepherd gazing at the stars ...Watching over his sheep by day, by night. Singing a new song: “The Lord is my Shepherd”A wedding banquet for a king‘s son. Invitations to all.But who will come? Even his own reject him. Come. But you need wedding clothes. How? Don’t be afraid. They have been bought for us, at a price beyond our imagination, at the cost of the life of the King’s own Son. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. We are clothed in Jesus. May His Peace guard our hearts & minds 😊Thank you, Graham, for beautiful words 😊 Psalm 23Philippians 4:1-9Matthew 22:1-14Thank you Ruth & band for a wonderful time of worship 😊(Videos to follow)It was lovely to “see” you all online❤️Still together 😊 God bless you 😊Lesley & Graham

Posted by Holy Trinity Church Frome on Sunday, 11 October 2020