Clarissa is the speaker (on Luke 14:12-24) and Ben Waller leads the worship. (Separate video of Clarissa speaking and audio files of Ben are on this page)

Songs:  Good, Good Father – LYRICS   / AUDIO

Oceans – LYRICS  / AUDIO

Strength will rise – LYRICS / AUDIO

Links for the words of the service are found here

Who is on your Guest list? Who is on God’s?His eyes & his heart are always seeking people on the outside, to bring them in. Thank you Clarissa for drawing us into Luke 14:12-24 & showing us God’s heart so beautifully 😊“The invitations are God’s. ... It’s not our party. It’s not our guest list. ... We are messengers sent into the world to share God’s invitation to relationship, to discipleship, to the party that is life with God.”Amen! Thank you Benny for a wonderful time of worship. Your recordings are simply beautiful 😊Videos/audio for sermon & songs now posted. How lovely to be together again this morning & see everyone greeting each other & sending ❤️ & messages. Still family 😊🌈God bless you all ❤️Lesley & Graham

Posted by Holy Trinity Church Frome on Sunday, 21 June 2020

Here’s the video of Clarissa’s brilliant, perceptive sermon on Luke 14:12-24 from this morning.Thank you Clarissa 😊Thank you Benny for leading us to worship so beautifully 😊Here are Ben’s audio files 😊 “Strength will rise”!Amd3-thaHVHAyzqu6xEkmUBmup65 “Good, Good Father”!Amd3-thaHVHAyzl4lZrR7oOY6aON “Oceans”!Amd3-thaHVHAyziJ_81htWaw__bMSee you at 9pm for Compline, a peaceful Night Prayer. God bless you all 😊Lesleyxxx

Posted by Holy Trinity Church Frome on Sunday, 21 June 2020