HOPE Frome Coffee Van

Outside St Johns on alternate Friday evenings from 10pm till very late

Ministering love, hot chocolate and jelly babies to town revellers.

A safe place to sit, have a chat, get help if needed.

HOPE Frome

HOPE FromeOriginally launched as a National campaign for 2008, the success of HOPE08 has lead to it’s ‘rebirth’ for our town as “HopeFrome”.
HOPE Frome is a non-denominational campaign attempting to translate the Love of God into real action to benefit our communities.
It is intended to provide churches of all shapes and sizes throughout the UK with a fresh opportunity to work together across their communities. It is as relevant for urban or rural churches irrespective of tradition.

HOPE Frome are running a variety of projects / activities and days of action and can always do with help. You can find more information about the Hope Frome project at their dedicated website www.hopefrome.org.uk, or Facebook page HOPE Frome